Who we are

Located north of Denver, Colorado, Boulder County has long been known as an arts destination. In 2016, the City of Boulder was ranked third in the country by the National Endowment for the Arts in artists per capita, behind only Santa Fe and Los Angeles. At Boulder County Authors, we hope to also draw attention to the area’s prowess in the literary arts.

Boulder County Authors is a collective of traditionally and independently published authors who live or work near Boulder, Colorado. First formed by Kate Jonuska in 2017 as Boulder County Indie Authors, our local authors join together as Boulder County Authors to offer mutual support and leverage our joint efforts to reach a larger audience.

The collective counts several dozen members, including authors of fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry and comics, and of genres like spirituality, historical fiction, young adult, science fiction and fantasy, literary fiction, satire and more. The Boulder area overflows with literary talent!

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In addition to working in a wide variety of genres, we host book sales and love book clubs. Some of us also offer freelance services, teach workshops, or are available for public speaking engagements. Again, click on any author photo above for details about their books and their services.

Interested in either joining Boulder County Authors or meeting our local authors in person?