Chris Bays

Chris Bays is a comic artist living in Boulder, Colorado. He’s been creating comics for more than twenty years in his spare time, and he published his first collection of comics, Little-Known Mythical Creatures, in late 2017.

Chris is also a member of the Boulder County Indie Authors group and has sold his comic collections at book fairs and comic book conventions along the Front Range.

Available for: Conventions and community events.

Learn more about Chris on his website or on his Goodreads author page.




Little Known Mythical Creatures
Goodreads link

Little Known Mythical Creatures is the first comic collection from cartoonist Chris Bays. It contains 47 popular comics from the strip, Mythdirection, and also has two comics seen only by Patreon supporters. Mythdirection is a single-panel humor strip that publishes online three times a week with special theme weeks throughout the year.