Linda Weber

Linda Weber is a writer, singer/songwriter, and vision quest guide with an M.A. in psychology and women’s studies. She’s offered psychological and spiritual counseling since 1970 and wilderness quests since 1986, and she helped found a women’s health center (1973) in Boulder, CO, where she ran the counseling program until 1987.

Her book, Life Choices, was published in 2011 by Sentient Publications, and is the culmination of her work with women and abortion. She’s especially focused on the natural spiritual development of human beings and the empowerment of women. Linda was awarded the Boulder Daily Camera’s Pacesetter Award for 2012 for Science, Medicine, and Health. She is currently in private practice.

Available for: Counseling, public speaking, and book clubs.

Learn more about Linda on her website (look for “Life Choices book” in the navigation bar), on her Amazon author page, or on Facebook pages for Life Choices and her private practice, Earth & Sky Counseling.

Life Choices

Life Choices: The Teachings of Abortion
Social Science/Women’s Studies
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Life Choices uses stories of healing and insights into the psychological, spiritual, and socio-historical issues surrounding abortion to help women gain perspective on their experiences. Both as a personal and social matter, abortion contains seeds of a new consciousness about the interrelationship of life, death, love, and power. Abortion’s essentially pro-life nature asks us to accept death as part of the flow of life; the failure to understand this contributes to the ferocious abortion wars.

Feminists, women seeking self-understanding, those open to repairing society’s broken connection with nature, and anyone seeking a deeper perspective will find this book changes the way they perceive this contentious subject. The rich material abortion presents has much to teach us about the importance of conscious choices and self-respect, the need for responsibility, the changing role of women, and the value of life and relationships.