Kate Jonuska

Kate Jonuska is a Colorado native with a B.A. in creative writing from the University of Denver who went into journalism after college to pay the rent. She has since racked up a decade of experience writing features for top-notch regional publications, including the Denver Post, the Daily Camera (Boulder), The Gazette (Colorado Springs), and Boulder Magazine, specializing in food, fitness, travel, and arts and entertainment. Her passion, however, has always been for fiction, and she’s seen success in that arena, as well. With a writing style best described as Margaret Atwood meets Amy Schumer, Kate’s short fiction was nominated for a 2015 Pushcart Prize, and her first novel, Transference, published August 2017.

Available for: book clubs, public speaking, workshops, panels, freelance features, or creative non-fiction.

Learn more about Kate at katejonuska.com or on her Amazon author page, or keep up with her on Twitter.

Transference Cover

Science fiction/speculative fiction
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Professionally ruined, morally bankrupt, and reflexively snarky, psychiatrist Derek Verbenk is a f*ck-up by even his own measure. Ethical transgressions have sentenced the once ambitious doctor to a career handing out prescriptions to rich housewives from his home office in Cherry Creek — until a new patient with a newfound power turns Verbenk’s life upside down and his soul inside out. Romping through Denver, breaking through barriers of privacy, social isolation and even politics, Transference is an odd-couple quest toward redemption full of wicked humor and radical honesty.

A finalist for the 2017 BookLife Prize and Denver Post STAFF PICK, about which award-winning author and judge Tim Pratt said, “Kate Jonuska’s Transference is a riveting tale of telepathy and suburban angst, with characters who reveal unexpected depths and challenge reader expectations as the story unfolds. Despite some powerful forays into darkness and despair, the book is ultimately about hope, redemption, and making human connections in a difficult world.”

Dictionary cover

The Dictionary of Fiction Critique
Reference book for writers
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In an ideal world, stories would flow from the author’s pen and arrive whole on the page, sparkling with genius. Far less romantic is the truth that writing includes more failing, editing, deleting, cursing, polishing and re-writing than writing itself. Rather than being the product of pure talent or inspiration, writing fiction is a craft that can be honed through practice and hard work — often done alongside and with the support of other writers in a critique setting.

Part A-Z dictionary and part writing crash course, The Dictionary of Fiction Critique is your survival guide for the wild, wacky world of the fiction critique group. The language herein demystifies the creation of story, explains how to read like a writer, and provides the language with which to discuss your craft with peers.

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Proof: A 30th Street Fiction Anthology
Short-story collection
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Welcome to 30th Street Fiction’s Proof Anthology, where family secrets haunt the living, the dead walk, the human sacrifice might be you, and the proof is in the details. This collection of short indie fiction is unrestricted by genre or style and features a solid spread of speculative, historical, and mainstream contemporary fiction. The theme of “proof,” in all of its interpretations and boldfaced glory, weaves these diverse pieces together. So sit back, curl up, and brace yourself for this collection of stories. At 30th Street, fiction is often stranger, darker, or funnier than truth.

Featured Stories:

JvL Bell: “The Traitor”
Caitlin Berve: “The Mortician’s Assistant”
Maggie Brydon: “Bring a She Goat”
Richard M. Hamp: “The Father, Son, and a Glass of Holy Spirits”
Lezly Harrison: “What’s in a Name?”
Kate Jonuska: “Prince Charming”
Jessica Lavé: “Coyote Junction”
Ian K. Long: “Dead Air”

Builder cover dark 1

Builder: A Short Story
Science fiction 
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“For the first time in her life, she was truly and utterly alone…”

Below the rock of Centuesse 16, in an asteroid cluster on the distant fringes of space, Phebs builds colonies for future human habitation, a job she loves because it took her far, far away from humans in general. When tragedy strikes, the young builder is forced to take control of her life and confront her true place in the universe as her life of happy isolation begins to dissolve.

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