Juliana Rew

While a science and technical writer and editor at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in Boulder, Colorado, Juliana Rew won more than a dozen technical writing competitions. She is convinced by the scientific evidence for global warming. Prior to NCAR, she served as a staff editor for the Geological Society of America. She’s a Colorado native with family roots in West Virginia and Kentucky.

In addition to being an author of speculative fiction, she publishes SF & Fantasy stories by other authors at her company, Third Flatiron Publishing, on Twitter as @TFlatiron.

Learn more about Juli at www.julianarew.com, her Amazon author page or her Goodreads author page. Juli is also a software engineer by training. Her blog is thewell-roundedgeek.blogspot.com.


The Unwinding: Gin’s Story
Science fiction

A new series of space opera novels, “The Unwinding,” by Juliana Rew, has begun to unwind! First in the series appeared July 1, 2019, from Sophont Press.

A woman is shunted through time and space as two universes go to war.

Virginia Sun-Jones would be the first to tell you that riding a Korean water dragon through the cosmos is not for everyone.

But ever since the Unwinding scattered her family, she’s followed a trail of clues, hoping to find them. Gin can’t shake the feeling that the universe has a personal interest, as she discovers special quantum abilities and ventures away from the tiny haven of Earth.

With the aid of a time-traveling civilization known as the Watchmen, she fights a despotic galactic emperor seeking to destroy our universe. Gin’s Story is an exciting mystery adventure full of twists, disappointments, and triumphs.

“A sci-fi romp that’s vast in scale yet thoroughly playful.” –Kirkus Reviews

Mountain Maam
The Adventures of Mountain Ma’am
YA, historical fantasy, Western
Struggling to survive in the treacherous mountains above Leadville, Colorado, Callie Dawson never expected to find a friend—let alone a partner. But when she befriends a wild wolf, Sina, Callie learns she has a destiny intertwined with the future of the American West. She is the Mountain Ma’am! Together with Sina and her soulmate, Johnny, Callie leads the Laramide Nation, a loose coalition of humans and animals dedicated to protecting the land and all who live there. Battling crooked interests, feuding animals, and evil magical forces, Callie and the Laramide Nation protect Leadville and work to ensure that Sina’s endangered descendants will always have a home in their native habitat.
Hidden Histories

Hidden Histories
Science fiction/fantasy/horror anthology

Third Flatiron’s new speculative fiction anthology, Hidden Histories, contains 28 new short stories on themes of alternate and secret histories, conspiracies, dark fantasy, and satire.

In Hidden Histories, agents of the ancient Library of Alexandria attempt to steer human history, a witch at the stake explains how she was framed, a missing airliner black box turns up, General Custer is defeated by wendigos, Queen Elizabeth tells Shakespeare she was cursed, a seance saves the Apollo-13 moon mission, an alien ambassador mentors Jimi Hendrix, a competing ship line plots to scuttle the Titanic, were-boars fight Nazis in WW2 Germany, the back room of a bookstore holds histories written in the future, and a girl learns the true history of Chinese dragons. These and many more stories entertain while exploring revisionist interpretations of real and fictional events.

  • Price: $10.49 paperback, $6.99 e-book
  • Available on Amazon
terra tara terror

Terra! Tara! Terror!
Science fiction/fantasy/horror anthology

Third Flatiron’s new speculative fiction anthology, Terra! Tara! Terror!, contains 26 new short stories ranging on themes from the #MeToo political movement, magical realism, to gothic fantasy. Also included is a special reprint of Robert Silverberg’s science fiction story, “To Be Continued.” A flash humor section, “Grins and Gurgles,”
is also featured.

cat's breakfast

Cat’s Breakfast: Kurt Vonnegut Tribute
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

The “Cat’s Breakfast” anthology from Third Flatiron pays tribute to the imagination and inspiration of author Kurt Vonnegut with 30 new science fiction and fantasy short stories inspired by his work. Our authors have channeled Vonnegut’s skeptical humanism and gallows humor into original stories that probe and enlighten us on themes of free will, mental illness, social cruelty, loneliness, and family. With Cat’s Breakfast, Third Flatiron Anthologies brings you a remarkable and varied collection, sure to please fans of science fiction/fantasy, satire, humor, and horror.

Strange Beasties
Strange Beasties
Dark Fantasy/Science Fiction/Slipstream/Humor

Third Flatiron Anthologies presents dark fantasy, science fiction, slipstream, and humor stories in our new collection, “Strange Beasties.” Eighteen authors share their fiendish creations: supernatural monsters, dysfunctional families, inimical alien powers, and creatures of the id.