Ellen Korman Mains

Ellen Korman Mains studied with the late Tibetan Buddhist meditation master, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and has taught meditation and led retreats in North America and Europe for over three decades. A former instructor of the Japanese art of Kyudo (Zen Archery) at Naropa University, she has long explored the universality of spiritual principles and its many expressions. As a certified Focusing Guide, she also helps individuals connect with their inner resources of self-awareness and embodied wisdom.

Integrating many years of meditation practice with her life experience as the daughter of Holocaust survivors (the subject of her recent memoir), she speaks about the cross-section of spirituality, social justice, and ancestral connection. Born and raised in Montreal, she spends most of her time in Boulder, but travels frequently to Poland to engage with her personal family history while deepening friendships, teaching, and promoting dialog. She is a citizen of all three countries, the U.S., Canada, and Poland.

Find out more about Ellen on her website, her Amazon page, or on social media on Facebook, You Tube, and LinkedIn.

Available for: Book clubs, public speaking, freelance editing, meditation workshops, and one-to-one Focusing sessions.

BuriedRivers_ebook cover_2019-06-25


Buried Rivers: A Spiritual Journey into the Holocaust
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To the dismay of her parents, Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust, Ellen became a Buddhist at nineteen. Three decades later, on a German train, she felt the presence of spirits who had died in the Holocaust. Their question, “How can you still believe in basic goodness?” sent her on a series of life-changing journeys to Poland to find the answer.

Beyond recovering a lost family history, this riveting memoir reveals powerful connections between spirituality and trauma, and intimately explores family loyalty, religious boundaries, and the invisible blessings of ancestors. Winner of a Silver Nautilus Book Award and an Independent Publisher Bronze Medal for Memoir; and a Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist for Spirituality.

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